Monday, August 24, 2009

GSF Slides: The great Promount Giveaway from GSF

Press Release: The GSF Promount Giveaway

GSF Slides: The great Promount Giveaway from GSF

GSF Slides: The great Promount Giveaway from GSF

The great Promount Giveaway from GSF

Promount: The Fast Lock Instant Release Tool Storage Unit from GSF

For those of you who haven’t heard, Promount is the latest tool mounting system on the UK market and we’re delighted to announce we’re offering a select group of readers a chance to win a number of different tool mounts to trial.

Promount has been designed for the offroad, hard-wear market and it’s innovative quick lock fast release action means whatever it is you want secure, Promount can hold it down. Made from Polypropylene, glassed filled nylons and a mixture of high silicon / high rubber elastics, Promount is a highly durable, anti-corrosive system, highly favoured by the US military and used on Humvees to store cutting, ammunition and essential kit. Promount has also been hotly adopted by the British Defence industry and Emergency services, for it’s ability to utilise every inch of a vehicle’s storage capacity.

The competition is simple: We’d like you to visit and tell us why you could benefit from Promount storage solution. Simplicity itself! The best answers win a unique selection of the promount tool family, suited to the winner’s specific needs.

Best of British Luck to you….

For more information on the Promount range please call GSF on +44 (0)1691 770303 or visit or to contact Angloco, please visit their website